Koy Karaoke

Lot type: Live Venue
Lot size: 20×15
Furnished: Fully

One of my friends Katcat is fare from happy with the look of the venues in Starlight Shores,  so she asked me to give them a makeover. This is my first of these makeovers – the Karaoke bar in Starlight Shores. It is more of a rebuild than a makeover since the buildings had some odd things in it that made it hard to work with. I did however keep the original idea but I think I managed to make it less tacky and more stylish Japanese.

I have used quite a bit of store content for this one. I will try to list the sets I have used things from, but forgive me if I forgot one or two pieces.

Requires all EPs including Showtime and all SPs including Master Suite
Patch required: 1.33 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used


Store items used:

CC Used:

4 thoughts on “Koy Karaoke

  1. Dang, Mac! I wanna be you when I grow up. LOL You amaze me each time you are challenged. This is absolutely lovely and matches the theme perfectly. THANK YOU!!

  2. Oh this one is lovely!!! I really need to get Showtime ASAP.

    P.S. Mac, I can’t log into LS anymore since yesterday morning … my old pw is not working and when I request a new one I don’t receive any mails from LS. Help? *sniffle*

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