Campus Madness

Lot type: Residential
Lot size: 20×30
Furnished: Partly


This is an old build for a challenge on LivingSims but with Sims 3 University out I thought some of you might find it useful. I will post a furnished version as well later, but here is the basegame friendly version with no CC used.

The dorm has 12 rooms that are completely unfurnished but the common areas are furnished.


Requires no EPs or SPs
Patch required: 1.24 or newer
No Pay items used, non Store items has been used



2 thoughts on “Campus Madness

  1. Well – you are very welcome to furnish it. I normally don’t furnish my house for download because I don’t like to be locked down on what items to use. I have all EPs and all SPs so it would be quite complicated for me to just do specif EP.

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