Dry land dreams

Price: around 110.000 §
Lot size: 40 x 40
4 bedroom, great room, 2 bathroom, a swimming pool, a court yard, stone garden, double driveway
Furnished: completely


Kiare and I have build this house for the contest Single Story Home Building Competition @ the official forum. This is the most detailed house I have ever done in sims 3 and by fare the most detailed house I have uploaded here so fare. It has tons of small details, so if you download it please take time to explore it before moving things around 😉

I have used a hack to move things up and down, these movements will come into your game and you do not need the hack, but if you pick those things up with the hand tool they will go back to their original location.  We spend at least 10 hours building and decorating the house so we really hope you will enjoy it. The list of store items is Crazy long this time – but well EA can just make better EP stuff for us!

The house is located in a dry land world and has a dry garden with a stone garden and lots of room to play games on. Have fun and enjoy!

Download or Download @ exchance

Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Late Night, Seasons, University Life, Pets, World Adventures, Generations, Showtime, Ambitions
Requires the following SPs: High-End Loft, Outdoor Living, Town Life, Fast Lane, Master Suite
Patch required: 1.50 or newer
No Pay items used, lots Store items has been used

Store items used


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