Wobbly Cart Farm Collective

Lot type: Dormitory
Price: around 177.223/85.652§
Lot size: 50 x 50
Furnished: completely


This dorm is a farm collective that is located on an old New England farm. The barn has been turned into 8 bedrooms and the main house holds a kitchen, study area and a big common room. There are lots of differnt places to study as well as room for a good kegger in the garden. There is a veggie garden and a pound in the big yard out back. The commune owns a pickup truck that all residents are welcome to use. It is complacently decorated but it isn’t so clutter that you can’t put your own touches on things.

Download – decorated version • Download @ exchance

Download – undecorated version • Download @ exchance

Requires the following EPs & SP for the decorated version: Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventures, Seasons, Showtime, Generations, University Life, Ambitions & Diesel, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, High-End Loft, Town Life, Master Suite, Outdoor Living

Requires the following EPs & SP for the undecorated version: Supernatural, Pets, Generations, University Life, World Adventures, Ambitions & Master Suite

Patch required: 1.50 or newer
No Pay items used, one Store items has been used

Store items used in the decorated version


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