Challenge: Medieval world

w_timemachineConcept: Play a world that feels like a bit fantasy medieval Europe.


As many of you know have studied history at university, love fantasy and have a thing for playing medieval/Renascence gameplay in sims. So I thought I would share some of the rules and tips for how I play it! I use a number of mods and I will try to make a list. In the past I have played with tons of CC, but as I am trying to limit that in general I have turned to EA made stuff. I play to share some of my builds (the ones that work without tons of CC). I do use some items I have created my self, some stuff by ATS and some stuff by littlecat that I just can’t do without. When I play the game, I am not strict about gender roles – I let females join the army and work outside the house – this is simply more fun to me – and for some parts of Europe it would be quite likely to happen. I personally find that the more I read about the period – the more fun I have with this – either following the historical traditions or delibratly breaking them. I am sorry if my research is showing overly much – I can’t help it I am a historian. I suggest just reading the set-up and the classes you are interested in when you start-up – you can always read the rest of my wall of text later – though I mostly write it for my own amusement and to set the rules straight in my own world. When people break the rules of their class – think of it as them doing something shocking rather than things you are not allowed to make them do.


Screenshot-174This requires a LOT of set up – there you have been warned.

Get a nice world without streetlights or other modern stuff. You will probably need a costume one, though Montevista might work if you ignore the street lighting – it is a nice setting that is for sure.

Make a number of families and build community lots. Build or download some houses following the instructions below. I suggest starting with a small number of households and building it up from there.


There are different categories of households in this world. I will explain the Screenshot-153rules for each one below. You can use as many or as few of these classes as you like or melt some of them together of course. The order they are in here is their hierarchical order in society – the magical class is outside the hierarchical order of society though.

I find it very helpful to use the MasterControler by NRass to rename people from the different classes. Under each class I have listed the titles I use. You can of course be more creative than that.

Almost everyone in my world is self employed or unemployed but some are having career.


Objects isn’t allowed

  • Any electronic object isn’t allowed as a general rule. That means no TVs, arcade machines, Computers (unless you need them to download homework from), etc.
  • The poorer people are the less stuff they had, so the nobles are allowed to have way more stuff than the farm hand – logical isn’t it?
  • All lights should be candle or oile lamp based. No electrical light what-so-ever
  • No washing machines, dishwashers or trash compressors are allowed.
  • No cameras are allowed
  • Water slides

Objects should look the part
I allow any object that looks like it fits into my world. So I for instance have a stereo that looks like a potted tree. I in vision that it is a bird in a tree.  That also means that if you want your wizard to have a TV that look like a crystal ball – go for it!

Gameplay rules

Screenshot-159Woohooing: Should always be risky or try for baby. Unless if you are a witch, in wich case you may use the normal woohoo options – they know ways of preventing that kind of thing.

Pets/animals: Everyone are allowed to own pets. But the more exotic the pet the higher in the hierarchical order their should be. Everyone are allowed to own horses, but the nobles are of course likely to own more than the lowly peasant.

The classes

The Nobles

Screenshot-775The nobles are the top of the hierarchical pyramid in the world. They own a lot of things, live in bigger houses, own and rule the land. The children of the household – especially the daughters are quite likely to go live with another family once they become teenagers, either as ladies in waiting or as young wives. If the younger daughters of the household can not find partners, let them either work or join the clergy. I give each of my noble households a coat of arms and let all members of the household wear these colors as they are representing their lord and lady. The lady of the house is in charge of all decisions having to do with the running of household – she hires and fires servants, she does the books, make sure everyone is feed and happy, host the parties and controls the household in her housebound absent. The nobles should host parties quite often to show off their wealth and status and to maintain/build relations with their peers. It is important for the nobles to be fit and able to fight.

Screenshot-735Houses: the noble families would live in anything from large town houses over manors, towers, forts and castles. Their houses typical have a great hall where the whole household eat – the family at the high table and others at long tables. The house also have a large kitchen, perhaps a pantry or cold room. Both hall and kitchen would be on the ground floor, whole the family bed rooms would be higher up. The lady and lord would often have separate bedrooms. The family would have a solar where the woman did hand craft, the family entertaining in private and did other quite activities. Large noble houses might have a bath house or room. Stables and gardens would be a party of country homes.

Dress: They dress in colorful fabrics with patterns and complicated styles. I only allow royalty to wear purple though. The nobles can wear any other color. Their under clothing is normally white linen.

Titles: Lord/Lady

Career: The noble men can choose to have a career or not, the same goes for the women – but think about what kind of job they would have. I use NRaas’ Career hack to have a lot of extra self-employed and unemployed careers. I quite often have them work in self-employed careers living off breeding horses, painting, writing etc.

Careers that is restricted to the nobles: Political, Painter

Screenshot-2115Marriage: They mostly marry each other!  If you have royalty in town they are part of the noble class and may marry within that class. If no male heir is produced by the time a wife reach the life stage “adult” her spouse is allowed to divorce her and take a new wife. They can take lovers from all other classes of course. They always host their weddings either at home or at the church. They often host a huge wedding party with lots of guests and food. They want to show off to the community – remind every one of their status and have everyone else remember the date when they tied the knot – which is important for inheritance. Unmarried daughters should stay living with their family or join the clergy. Windows are likely to control their household until their oldest come of age. Widows might join the clergy once their children become adults or they might live with them for the rest of their life. They are also quite like to remarry if they are still young with few children. The nobles might marry relatively young.

Screenshot-1903Heir: In the noble household the oldest son is always the heir – unless something shocking happen to him. Then the second eldest will have to take over. If there is no male heirs the oldest daughter have to marry someone from another noble house and their family will take over the house.

Objects not allowed: None

Rules: They are allowed to cheat with the money. They may have live-in servants. May attend university. May own non-shop-lots. If an unmarried woman get pregnant by a non-noble she may not marry a nobleman. If you have live-in servants the noble woman does not cook or clean – it is not their job.

The clergy

Screenshot-142The clergy are in charge of the spiritual well-being of world, but that is not their only function. They also hold offices that requires book knowledge. They scribes, teachers, advisers and care for the sick. The clergy are also a convenient out for anyone who want to change their class or does not find that they fit into their class. Younger sons, spare daughters, peasants with dreams of a better place in the world, disgraced noblemen and women all become a part of the clergy. They perform vital services for the community.

Titles: Brother, Sister, Pastor, Deacon, Father, Bishop, Cardinal, Novice – be creative

Career: Some are self-employed while other are employed in careers that requires book knowledge. Some of my clergy make a living as nectar makers, apple growers, nurses, teachers, scientists etc.

Careers that is restricted to the clergy: Journalism, Teacher, Medical, Science, politics.

Screenshot-2054Marriage: oh no, that will not do! They should not get romantically involved either if they want to keep their good name.

Heir: No children can officially be recognized as yours. But the church take in the needy of any age, orphans as well as illegitimate children are welcome in the monasteries.

Objects not allowed: Double beds (unless you got a wicked bishop or make it a story point)

Rule: You may use money cheat to set up the household. You may not use money cheats to run it, the clergy are meant to work for their keep. May attend university. May own the church and the grave yard.

The merchants & artisans

Screenshot-139The houses of the merchant class can be quite large, as they earn quite a bit of money. Their dress should be less elaborate than the nobles. They earn their own money trading and crafting things. The class also include the painters and sculptures that decorate the castles of the nobles.

Titles: Master & Mistress. Their last name will often be their occupation. So that the smith’s family is called Smith.

Dress: the merchants are dressed finer than the peasants but not as nice as the noble. They made wear anything from home spun the clothing to fine silks depending on their wealth and their status.

: The should work with trade, craft or art. I find that this consignment store is extremely useful.

Screenshot-1390Careers that is restricted to the merchants & artisans: Culinary, Sculptor, Inventor, Architect, Painter, Private Investigator, Stylist, Art Appraiser, Painter, Business,

Marriage: They marry within their class or below – if the person is rich. Weddings might be hosted at home, on a park lot or in the church. The richer the couple is the more likely it is they will host it in the church. They normally marry late – in their 20s or later.

Heir: The first-born male or female.

Objects not allowed:

Rules: You may use money cheats to set them up in a fitting house.  They may have live-in servants. May attend university. They may own community lots.

The peasants

Screenshot-180 (2)The peasants work the land and life off it. They are mostly self-sufficient and buys very little.

Houses: They have few metal objects and their furniture tend to be home-made and rustic. Their rooms are mostly bare. They either own their own land or they are tenants on someone else’s land. The floor was normally of earth, and there was very little ventilation or sources of light in the form of windows. In addition to the human inhabitants, a number of livestock animals would also reside in the house. Peasant houses may become larger in size, and have two rooms, and even a second floor. Poor households would have a single room.


Dress: All of the peasants clothing is home-made and home spun. They do not wear bright colours or pure white. The clothing is often quite simple. Colors: Off white, grey, brown & dull shades of green, yellow and red.

Titles: Goodman & madam OR no title and use last name that signals their occupation.

Career: The peasants work with their hands to create food for the community. They fish, they garden, they keep bees and hens, they grow all kinds of plants. Most of what they produce they probably need them self, but they sell their surplus at marked and use the money to buy what little they can’t produce them self.

Careers that is restricted to the peasants: Daycare, Firefighter, Gardner, Angler


Marriage: They mostly marry within their own class.  Weddings might be hosted at home, on a park lot or in the church. Any wedding parties are normally not big affairs. Dancing is defiantly involved though. They normally marry late – in their 20s or later.

Heir: The older son should take over the house. The rest of the children should try to find other places to live as adults.

Objects not allowed: Bookcases, fancy versions of things, chess tables, telescopes

Rules: No cheating with the money, not even to set them up. If they want a bigger house, they have to work for it! May not attend university. Most of the live-in servants will original come from the peasant class – so surplus children could very well become servants. They may employ one live-in teenage servant.

The servants

Screenshot-773The servants live in other people’s households and do the cooking, cleaning and gardening. They also take care of the children in the house hold. They should take care of their masters’ children before their own. They live to serve their masters. They may have romantic affairs with their masters’ but they may not marry them. Servants come from all classes including the noble families – they are often younger sons and daughters. Noble born servants take over the higher position in the household, like Chamberlain and lady in waiting.

Dress: All of the peasants clothing is home-made and home spun. They do not wear bright colors or pure white. The clothing is often quite simple. Colors: Off white, grey, brown & dull shades of green, yellow and red. They would often wear the colors of their lord’s coat of arms.


Titles: Mister & Madam. Their job in the household would be their title. Ex Cook Maria Wood or Stablehand Alan Brown.

Career: I normally have them set to either self-employed or unemployed as they their work is to be butlers, stable hands, ladies maids, ladies in waiting, men at arms etc. Their work is all about keeping the masters happy.

Careers that is restricted to the servants: none

Marriage: If they marry they may move out of their master’s household. They join the peasant class if they move out. If they stay in the household they should get a room or a small cottage to them self. They may marry anyone from a class lower than their masters. Weddings might be hosted at home, on a park lot or in the church.

Heir: Children of the same gender as them self might very well take over the position after them.

Rules: As they live in other people’s house hold they do not have interdependent economic.

The outsiders

Screenshot-23They are not quite outcasts but defiantly outside the community. They interact with everyone else but nice people do not get romantically involved with the outsiders – that would be scandalous.

Dress: They dress outrages compared to the other classes. Though all the color rules out the book and go wild! here you can use your juster outfit or your pirate outfit or what-ever you think fits.

Titles: None unless you can come up with something creative. However their last names might very well be their occupation.

Career: If anyone joins the restricted careers they should be reassigned to this group. They take the jobs nobody else want to have.

Careers that is restricted to the outsiders: All the performer careers (acrobat, singer, magician), Criminal, Fortune Teller, Music, Ghost Hunter, Cemetery Worker

The magical ones

Screenshot-8These are the supernatural. I normally only have witches, but if you want werewolf or faeries, go for it! I let them break most of the rules for the fun of it!

Titles: Be creative and come up with something. I use Wise-woman for my female witches.

Screenshot-1063Career: I mostly use self employed careers for this, but the Fortune Teller career would make perfect sense

Careers that is restricted to the magical one: Ghost Hunter

Marriage: To insure the continuation of their kind they tend to marry each other.

Heir: Make up some cool rules for inheritances for each species you have. Perhaps the fay let their oldest daughter be the heir, while werewolf are patriarchal?

Objects are allowed: Chemistry table, science object, skeleton

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