Donation Drive Gift

Price: ?
Lot size: 40 x 40
Furnished: no


We are running a donation drive over at LivingSims. If you can, consider donating! To say thank you to the donators and the community, I build a house. I plan to build one house for each 100 $ donated – I am due to build the second one today. Anyway, I am playing with Moonlight Falls, so I decided to build something that would fit there. The town has sort of a New England feel so I thought a nice Victorian would do nicely. I hope you like it!

Download @ LivingSims

Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Seasons, Island Paradise, University & Ambitions
Requires the following SPs: non
Patch required: 1.57 or newer
No Pay items used, lots Store items has been used

Store items used:

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