Victorian Stores

Lot type: Hangout
Lot size: 30 x 30
Furnished: completely Toystore, magic shop & barbershop with a big garden in the back


I wanted to build my own toy store using the Midnight Hollow store things. I build a small old fashion toystore with sellable toys. A magic store using the alchemy cashier from Supernatural and a stylist store using the things from Ambitions. I suggest adding some more cool toys in the toy store, but I couldn’t get the lot to upload with the extra things I had put in there.

Download OR Download @ Exchange

Patch required: 1.57 or newer EPs: Supernatural, Late Night, Seasons, University Life, Pets, World Adventure, Generations, Showtime, Island Paradise, Ambitions
SPs used: Outdoor Living, Town Life, Master Suite
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

Store items used:


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