The Little Flower Store

Price: around 51.783 §
Lot size: 20×25
2 flats and two store front shops
Furnished: Yes


This is a residential lot with a functioning store on it!

I was in the mood to build another store, so I asked Briela what kind of store I should build and she suggested a flower store with a flat over it. My sister suggested making it two flats and putting an art studio next door. She is already spinning a story of the florist and the artist falling in love and knocking down the wall between their flats. I have put most work into the outside and the flower shop. I have sparsely decorated the upstairs flats, so you can make them fit your sims. I know there is a dog showing on one of the pictures, it is of course not included. I really tried not to use any store items other than the items from the Savvy Sellers collection from Midnight Hollows, and that was really hard. If I were you I would replace a few of the flowers with some more interesting ones from the store or whatever CC ones you might have. This store is build in Moonlight Falls and I think it would it into a number of worlds both EA made and otherwise. The huge amount of EPs and SPs are just used for plants, so if you don’t have them it isn’t a disaster if you still want the house – just change the few things that needs changing after installing it.

Download OR Download @ Exchange

Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Pets, Island Paradise, Late Night, World Adventure, Seasons, Showtime, Generations, University Life & Ambitions
Requires the following SPs: 70’s 80’s & 90’s, High-End Loft, Town Life, Master Suite & Outdoor Living
Patch required: 1.57 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

Store items used:

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