Price: around: 24.293 §
Lot size: 25×25
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, utility room and great room
Furnished: Starter furniture


I wanted to build this as a starter, but it isn’t so that is why it got the silly name. I might do a starter version as well. It is a two bedroom house in a quite modern eco-friendly style. Almost all of the house is wood and think it looks quite neat.

Download OR Download @ Exchange

Requires the following EPs: Ambition, Supernatural, Showtime
Requires the following SPs: None
Patch required: 1.57 or newer
No Pay items used, no Store items has been used

And this is the starter version of this house because I could not help my self. This house is worth 22.197 § which is under what 4 adults would have starting the game. Of course you might not want to put four adults into one house this size, but I thought I would give you the option.

Download @ Exchange 


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