Tiny Modern

Price: 18.495 §
Lot size: 10×10
Furnished: Kitchen and bath
1 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen/livingroom


This tiny starter is so small that I am sure you can fit it into any world you want. It is a very minimalistic modern building but it still have everything your sims need to start out a new life. The price fits two adults moving in together with nothing but their starter cash. I would probably put it on a larger lot myself so I could have a little plant life around the house.

I am going to try to decorate the space and post a second gallery with the decorated pictures so you can see how this might look with sims living there.

Download or Download @ exchange

Requires the following EPs: Ambition, Showtime, University Life, Supernatural, Into the Future, Island Paradise, Late Night
Requires the following SPs: None
Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

Store content used:

And decorated without any CC. The price of the house with decorations is 21.669 §. If you want the decorated version you can download it here.

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