Seasonal Fun Fair

Lot size: 50×50
Furnished: fully
Lot type: Festival Grounds


I don’t know if you guys, but I find the festival lot in Moonlight Falls really boring. So I decided to build a new one. I just got Roaring Heights last week and I had not had a chance to use the roller coaster yet, so I decided it should be a fun fair. The fair has a small roller coaster and lots of little stands as well as seasonal activities throughout the year. I will post spring and summer pictures today and post the other seasons as it change in my game, because it is more fun for me than going through all of them today.

There are some store items used. I have listed the major sets, but Exchange has stopped listing all the items I use, so I hope I got most of them. But it is not a complete list.

Download OR Download @ Exchange

Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventure, Seasons, Showtime, Generations & University Life
Requires the following SPs: Town Life
Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

Store items used

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