The Medieval Farm & family

Price: 40.232 §
Lot size: 25×25
Furnished: Completely
1 bedroom, kitchen/livingroom


The yard seen from the cow shed
The yard seen from the cow shed

I build this small farm for the “Callmore A Village in the Dragon Valley” contest over on Sims 3 Forum. For once I will both include the furnished lot and the lot and the family. You can decide which version you want. This is my take on what a sims 3 version of a small propourus farm might have looked like in medieval times. It is not a tiny hovel (I will do one of those as well). The farm has cows, bees, a garden, chickens and a barn where there is a sculpture station and an alchemy crafting station. The lot is ready to play on but it is not a starter lot as you can see from the price. The house has been tested over a couple of sims days.

The house is slightly updated from when I made the pictures, things like a turned the bed 90 degrees or moved the cat scratching pole to a place where it works.

The Farmer Family:

  • Walter Farmer is the father of the household. He is a farmer with quite a green thumb, just like his dad and his granddad, but he is also very good with his hands and does some carpentering on the side. He is very family orientated and does not believe in supernatural nonsense.
  • Matilda Farmer is mother and works in their garden, tend the bees and takes care of the hens as well as running the household. At night she does a few potions on the side to help her family and neighbours. She is a very nurturing woman and a great cook.
  • Gemma Farmer is the teenage daughter. Rumor has it that she is a witch, but I am sure it is just rumours. Like her father she has a knack for getting things to grow. She is very proper, but a bit of a hotheaded diva when the mood takes her, so she can be a handful.
  • Samer is the young son of the family. He is quite a charismatic little fellow. He can always charm a cookie out of people or even a little cash.
  • Pixel is the family’s new kitten. She is shy but friendly. Walter hopes that she in time can be quite the little mouse hunter.

 Download the lot & household

Download the lot

Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventure, Showtime, Generations, Into the Future, Ambitions & University Life
Requires the following SPs: Town Life, Outdoor Living, Movie Stuff
Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

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Store items used in the build:

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