Italian Bakery

Lot size: 20×20
Furnished: no/fully
Lot type: Visitors Allowed


When the new bakery set came out from the store last week I knew that I wanted to build a bakery. I asked my sister what world she wanted it in and she said Monte Vista, so here is a nice italian bakery for you. I have made a version that is completely unfurnished and a furnished one. Both requires store content but no CC.

Right now my downloads here on the site seems to be quirky, so grab the lot you want on the Exchange.

Download empty version OR Download the furnished version @ Echange OR Download the finished version

The empty version:

The empty version requires the following EPs: Seasons, Showtime & World Adventure. It also requires the store items marked with a * below.

The full version

The furnished version requires the following EPs: Seasons, Showtime, World Adventure Supernatural, Late Night, University Life, Pets, Ambitions. It also requires the store items listed below.
Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No CC items used, Store items has been used

Store items needed

As always I might have missed an item or two, but I hope that was all of them

3 thoughts on “Italian Bakery

  1. Apparently it is not good to have the shelves behind the counter with produce on them. The costumers will try to go behind there and buy things from them. I will put out an updated version of this once I am done testing it.

  2. I will write up a small article here about the bakery set because there are some thing about it that don’t quite work as I thought it would

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