Row of small stores

Lot size: 20×30
Furnished: Fully/empty
Lot type: Hangout


Screenshot-653Today I wanted to try an idea my sister had. I wanted to make a row of small stores with an apartment over them. She suggested making the store as a community lot, so that customers would come to buy stuff and have the sims running the stores living on a small lot near by but really using the apartments as their home. In my game the stores are located in Appaloosa Plains, but I am sure they would it in other worlds as well. I have uploaded both an unfurnished version and a furnished one. I want to use it in other worlds as well with other store so I wanted the empty version for my self as well. You can choose the one you want. No CC has been used but I have used the store items I thought made sense.

The empty version

This version is decorated only on the outside so it is easy for you to turn it into what-ever stores you want. The store content used will be marked with a * on the store content list below.
Requires the following EPs: Supernatural, Pets, Showtime, University Life, Ambitions

Download @ Exchange OR Download

Store items used:

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