Moonlight Fall Museum

Lot size: 40×40
Furnished: Fully
Lot type: Art Gallery


Today I bring you a grand style art museum! It has multiple exhibitions and two art workshops, a café and a museum store.

I have used tons and tons of store and EP items. I suggest checking out your self what I have used in the exchange link. It might not all be listed there but I think the important bits are there.

Edit: For some reason this file has been removed from the exchange, so I have now uploaded the file to my site.


Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No CC items used, Store items has been used

2 thoughts on “Moonlight Fall Museum

  1. Hi! I love your museum and your tea pavilion but you only linked to the exchange and for whatever strange reason EA can think of they’ve taken down your lots! Can you please either upload them to the exchange again or like your other lots provide an alternative link? Thank you so much!

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