H Two the O Indoor Pool remade

Lot size: 40×30
Furnished: Fully
Lot type: Swimmingpool


I liked the build of the swimming pool lot in Moonlight Falls, but it wasn’t quite there, so I did a remake. I just added some finishing touches, like a hot tub and a sauna. The lot now have a ticketing system so that my starving sims can’t just go there and shower for free (muhaha). It also have café now upstairs. I had fun with using quite a bit of premium content. You might still want it even if you don’t have all of it. It isn’t essential to the build, though I really like having the sauna there and the public showers from Sunlight Tides.

Download OR Download @ Exchange

Patch required: 1.63 or newer
No CC items used, some Store items has been used
EPs & SPs used: Supernatural, Island Paradise, Showtime, University Life, Into the Future, Ambitions & Outdoor Life

Store items used:

  • Eastern Ambiance Ceiling Lamp
  • Steam-It-Up Sauna
  • It’s Not Gross Public Shower Station
  • Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set
  • Infinite Zen Massage Table

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