Sims 4: Mid-century 4 bedroom home

Lot size: 20×30
Price: 31.000 §
Furnished: Basic

09-16-14_10-27 PM

This mid century modern home was one of my favourite houses in sims 3 so I rebuild it in sims 4. It is a four bedroom house with 3 bathrooms. The rooms are a bit bigger than their sims 3 counterpart as they were always a bit too small. I really like how the courtyard has turned out. The bedrooms can also be used to house all the activity objects that take up so much space in sims 4.

Download: I am macthekat @ the gallery – search for “Mid-century 4 bedroom” and it should show up.

4 thoughts on “Sims 4: Mid-century 4 bedroom home

    1. I think that will be part of the article on roofs that well be in the next issue of LivingSims.

      But basically you need to make the roof into a room (add a fence), then you can add the edge thing. I don’t have the game in front of me right now do I can’t remove the name of things

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