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Danish. High school teacher. Cand. mag in history & social studies. Reader of SF&F literature, roleplayer, gamer and happy home cook.

Classic nudes

Be warned there are pixel-nudity. So I finally got around to starting to create for sims 4. Wow it has taken forever! This is not quite my first cc for sims 4, but I am still in my second week of creating.

I have a big stack of classic paintings of female nudes. I personally think they are super classic and tend to use them in bedrooms. Yes they are stack naked, but being European it has too be a lot more racy for me to become prudish.

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Early Civilizations – beyond Egypt

Yes, this is sims 3, but it was the best pic I had. It looks rather Roman if you ask me :).

With a lot of us playing the history challenge, I thought it might be a good idea to write a little bit about what you can do in the early civilization era other than staying in ancient Egypt.

I have included civilizations I know a little bit about, so there might be others I have overlooked. I have only included civilizations that have domesticated plants and animals and complex societies. I am excluding civilizations that didn’t show up til after 500 AD. Which means that I am including ancient and classic era civilizations. I am just making a list, not writing anything about each civilization, so go read more about them – they are all really interesting!

Please let me know who I have forgotten!

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Sims 4 objects, when was they invented?

02-10-16_11-03-58 PMI am playing the sims history challenge and I caught myself wondering, when can my sims get an easel, or that stove they want? So I sat down and made a list of all the (interesting) objects in game. I sorted them by category and by age.

I am putting everything from 1500 until 1800 into the category “Colonial times” and the 1800-1900s into Victorian times. I hope others will find it useful as well.

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Equestrian calender

As a kid I spend a year or so attending horseback riding lessons. I never became all that good at it, but the majestic animals still impress me. They are so large and so alive and they let you ride on their backs – it’s pretty neat. I know that a lot of sims are just as fascinated – let’s give them a calendar just for them – or rather two calendars.  Continue reading Equestrian calender