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Green renovation

One year back Matthew and Jessica Picaso (one of the couple’s that came with the game) was both in the military but Matthew was involved in a car crash in Afghanistan and had to either resign or take a desk job, which he never wanted. Jessica went back over seas, but Matthew toke a job in a small local store. He has settled in rather nicely. Their stay in the desert made them both appreciate their homeland so much more, so then they went to buy a house together, there were no doubt that the Earth had to be calculated into their equation.

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Millie Cook’s Ikea

Millie Cook just moved to my town along with her housebound Mark and 2 year old daughter Camilla. They moved into the white part of my twin house and are in the process of making it home. Right now only the ground floor is furnished as they could use mostly furniture from their flat. Camilla seem to have taken over the place. Later they will finish the upstairs rooms, but for now, they live with a mattress on the floor.

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