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Geeky teenage t-shirts

It has been forever but I am here again with some clothing for you! And again it is geeky t-shirts for your teenagers. They were so much fun to make that I made 56 different presets in five files. Two for the girls and three for the boys. The third set is a Mass Effect tribute set for my online friend Katcat.

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CAStable Public Signs

I have always loved the pool signs, but I wanted more signs to use around town, so I decided to make some CAStable signs to use on all kinds of community lots. They cost 13 § in game just like the original sign. There are 32 different signs on one mesh. Continue reading CAStable Public Signs

Calender with Pets pictures

I really liked the little cat calender that came with Pets, what I did not like was the lime green and the lack of choice of pictures. I messed around with it a bit, failed and asked Baufive for help. He remapped the mesh and made the texture large enough for decent pictures. So a huge thank you Baufive! You are once again the saviour of my project. I also want to thank the great people from LivingSims who have lend me their pictures. So thank you: annyway, Kiare, Findu, Kementari, Chicagostorm, KatCat and Findu! Continue reading Calender with Pets pictures