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Astrid Lindgren Calendar

With seasons coming this fall I thought I would make some new calendars for our sims. And I will make quite a few sets, so be picky about which you download. I will have a least ten sets all together. For this set I have Astrid Lindgren illustrations on the calendars. She was one of my favourite authors growing up so today I am celebrating her! These ones do not have seasons, but they do have a nice page for Christmas. I intended these for children’s rooms but of course, anyone with a heart can have them.

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Cute silhouettes

UPDATE: I have added three new sets of pictures to this file as requested. You now have dogs, cats and horses in there as well. Please redownload the file

I really liked the dog silhouette pictures that came with Pets, but I didn’t like the lack of options – I am a huge fan of options. So here are options!

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1950 Clothing

I found a big stack of 1950s clothing from my old Pink Rabbit site. I hope that someone find them useful. I packed all of them into one big file. Continue reading 1950 Clothing