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Equestrian calender

As a kid I spend a year or so attending horseback riding lessons. I never became all that good at it, but the majestic animals still impress me. They are so large and so alive and they let you ride on their backs – it’s pretty neat. I know that a lot of sims are just as fascinated – let’s give them a calendar just for them – or rather two calendars.  Continue reading Equestrian calender

Animal Lover Calendar 2

I adore the animal lover sims. They got the cutest wishes and they are always looking for a new animal friend. I have made a few different calenders for these animal focused friends. This set is all about cute and silly animals using modern day stuff. The calender of course have a Christmas page. I hope you enjoy them.

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Cute silhouettes

UPDATE: I have added three new sets of pictures to this file as requested. You now have dogs, cats and horses in there as well. Please redownload the file

I really liked the dog silhouette pictures that came with Pets, but I didn’t like the lack of options – I am a huge fan of options. So here are options!

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