What have I read in 2014

94bbb940d8a08414895f5249a0859917This year I have decided to keep a closer tap on the stats of what I am reading. Who is writing it, who are the protagonists, what genres am I reading etc. I will keep this post up to date and put a link in the menu. In the start of the year it probably isn’t very interesting but I hope it will be interesting (at least for me) to see how t develops over the year. Comics are only included on the author list and on the graph with type of work, because I simply read too many. Perhaps I will do a separate post on the comics.

What did I read

A list of all the works I have read in 2014 @ goodreads & you can see a list of all the short stories here

Type of work


What genre was the novels, if I only had to pick one per book

When was the work published?

Includes both novels and short stories


Novel new authors: Stephen BaxterJacqueline KoyanagiMats StrandbergSara Bergmark ElfgrenBrenda Cooper, Naomi NovikKatherine Addison (Sarah Monette), Robert Jackson BennettPatricia Briggs

Novel authors I have read before: Carrie VaughnTerry PratchettTanya HuffRamez NaamKim HarrisonSeanan McGuireLaurell K. HamiltonIlona AndrewsMary Robinette KowalFaith HunterDiana RowlandJim ButcherLisa ShearinAnn LeckieGail CarrigerJacqueline CareyTansy Rayner RobertsBen Aaronovitch

That means that this year I have read 9 new authors and 19 authors’ work that I have read before. So I have take a chance on almost 1/3 of the novels this year.

The author stats are only on the novel and short fiction writers, not the comic ones (there are simply too many I keep forgetting to track them) and I decided not to list short story authors here or in the stats. You can see the short story stats here. I have included single author collections in the stats here as well as in the short story stats.



The protagonists

I am only doing statistics on the novel protagonists so far.





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