The Jennifer Morgue

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On February 17, 2014
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The Jennifer MorgueTitle:  The Jennifer Morgue
Author: Series: Laundry Files, book 2
Genre: Urban fantasy, spy-thriller

I read the first Landry Files book, The Atrocity Archives, and two short stories set in the universe over the holidays and loved them. So as soon as I finished the first audiobook, I picked up the next one. Due to the sad case of my tablet breaking I ended up spending a few weeks not listing until I figured out how far I had gotten in the book and could pick it back up. I really started listening again yesterday and was almost unable to put it down. To the point where I stopped playing Wildstar (closed beta) to go listen to some more of it. I just spend all afternoon finishing it. The second half of the book really kicked up the gear.

The series is so very British, from the underfunded agency to the low-confidence protagonist. The book even have a James Bond theme going through it! This second book really plays with the tropes of the spy thriller genre actively as a part of the plot (Yeah go metafiction) – which is just so much fun!

The plot is a bit slow getting started and there is a fairly long into, which made me very happy I was listening to it. But once the plot kicks up I found it hard not to try to squeeze time in to listen to it and it is the kind of book that requires my full attention – so no playing Skyrim while listing.

The writing is still really clever and Bob’s inner dialog is awesome. I love Ramona’s character as well – she is the best deep one ever. Their complicated relationship is very enjoyable to follow with Mo on the sideline of course.

The ending is really great. I love how the tropes are put on their head and it is really interesting to see how the modern British non-hero protagonist is stuffed into the Ian Fleming mold. I think that is all I can say without spoiling.

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Published:  2013 by Hachette Digital, originally by 2006 by Golden Gryphon Press
Read: January 05 to February 17, 2014
Format: audiobook

The author: male, white, United Kingdoms
The protagonist: Bob, male, straight, white, it-man/wizard, able-bodied.

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