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On May 2, 2014
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Magic BleedsTitle: Magic Bleeds
Author: Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels book 4
Genre: Urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic, future, magic apocalypse

Have you every brought a book that wasn’t the book, you thought it was? Well that is what happened with Magic Bleeds. I thought I was picking up the next book in the Raine Benares series – that is a fantasy adventure series. I have read the Kate Daniels series before and enjoyed it. But boy was it not what I expected it to be (my mind all bend on a silly fantasy adventure story), which of course couldn’t not shape my perception on the first part of the book. It took me a lot longer than normal to get into the book and it wasn’t at all the poor book’s fault – just me messing up my amazon orders.

Ok, so I got over my initial annoyance with reading the wrong book and when I really got into it. There is a lovely romance between Kate and a shapeshifter which brought some really funny, steamy and silly scenes to the table. There was a classic misunderstanding plot in the romance plot but for once it made sense. Kate never had a serious relationship, she has been taught to keep out of relationships (they make you weak) and they hit a bump in the road and she gets heartbroken and has zero coping mechanisms.


Along with the romance plot, there is an investigation plot and a lot of action. The action scenes are great. Fast, violent, kick ass without being so graphic that they make me want to turn my face away or so long I get bored. Even the battle scene did not have me bored.

Kate has some cool family history that is the meta plot in the series and it really comes into play in this book.

I was very entertained and I kind of want to read the next one. I also want to read a million other books so I will leave it on the shelf for a while.

The stats

Published:  2010 by Ace
Read:  April 21 to May 02, 2014
Format: ebook

The author: female & male, white, USA
The protagonist: Kate Daniels, female, straight, adult, warrior, investigator, able-bodied.
Setting: Atlanta, USA

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