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On July 9, 2014
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MHM_coverTitle: Meathouse Man
Author: George R.R. Martin Raya Golden
Art: Raya Golden
Genre: Comic, dystopia

I read this as part of my Hugo Award reading, it was part of the Hugo voting package. I do not think I would have ever picked it up otherwise. Gritty dystopian fiction, not my cup of tea.

I will say up front, I did not like it – at all! I really tried to give it a chance, but it creeped me out – and not in a good way.

The protagonist is a very hopeful young man, who likes to have sex with animated corpes. Great right! The story is about him seeking a normal relationship with a live women, and not having much luck of it. To me the story was depressing and very icky. He has sex with corpse on multiple occasions on screen so to speak. He tries to find another woman like the woman he was in love with when he was in his early twenties, wasting all his life seeking something he clearly can’t find. I didn’t find it to be exploring any interesting issues. To me it was just hopeless.

The art style is not really my cup of tea either. Everyone is ugly in that 80s/early 90s way – it to me the art style seems dated.

I am sorry, but this just left me cold and creeped out. I didn’t give it 1 star, because the craft isn’t bad, it just really isn’t to my taste. I am frankly a bit disturbed by it.

The stats

Published:  2013 by Jet city
Read: July 02 to 05, 2014
Format: e-comic

The author: male, white, USA
The protagonist: white, straight, able-bodied.

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