100 Short Stories in 2015

Because of my enjoyment of last year’s challenge 100 Short Stories in 2014 I decided to do the same challenge this year. Learning from last year I decided to set up the stats post right away, so I don’t have to go back halfway through the year and catalog 50 stories. This is one of those post that is mostly for my own amusement, but if you want to take a look, you are very welcome. I will link to my reviews of the stories so hopefully it can serve as an inspiration list as well.


What have I read?

I will link to the reviews in the list but you can see all the reviews here. If a story is from a collection or a magazine I will most likely have all the reviews of that collection in one post and I will just link to that.

  1. Migration” by Kat Howard in Uncanny #1, reviewed
  2. Anyone With a Care for Their Image” by Richard Bowes in Uncanny #2, reviewed
  3. A Lie You Give, and Thus I Take” by Damien Angelica Walters in Lightspeed Magazine, reviewed
  4. Making the Cut” by H.E. Roulo in Women Destroy Fantasy
  5. The Heat of Us: Notes Toward an Oral History” by Sam J. Miller in Uncanny #2
  6. Love Letters to Things Lost and Gained” by Sunny Morain in Uncanny #2
  7. The Nalendar” by Ann Leckie in Uncanny #2reviewed
  8. The Dryad’s Shoe” by T. Kingfisher in Women Destroy Fantasy, reviewed
  9. Nine Goblins”  by T. Kingfisherreviewed
  10. Toad Words” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Storiesreviewed
  11. The Wolf and the Woodman” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Storiesreviewed
  12. Pocosin” by Ursula Vernon aka T. Kingfisher  in Apex Magazine #68
  13. Anarchic Hand” by Andy Dudak in Apex Magazine #68
  14. Pockets” by Amal El-Mohtar in Uncanny #2 , reviewed
  15. John Dillinger and the Blind Magician” by Allison M. Dickson in  Apex Magazine #68
  16. Bluebeard’s wife” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Stories
  17. Loathly” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Stories
  18. The Sea Witch Sets the Record Straight” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Stories
  19. Lost” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Stories
  20. Drowning in Sky” by Julia August  in Women Destroy Fantasy
  21. Miss Carstairs and the Merman” by Delia Sherman in Women Destroy Fantasy, reviewed
  22. Boar and apples” by T. Kingfisher in Toad Words and Other Stories
  23. In the Loop” by Ken Liu in War Stories – Tiny review
  24. Hunden, der elskede agurker” by Peter Seeberg
  25. Translatio Corporis” by Kat Howard in Uncanny #3
  26. When the Circus Lights Down” by Sarah Pinsker in Uncanny #3 – tiny review
  27. Ghost girl” by Richard Scott Larson in War Stories
  28.  “The Radio” by Susan Jane Bigelow  – tiny review
  29. Quiet Town” by Jason Gurley in Lightspeed Magazine – tiny review
  30. How to always reap a harvest” by Yoon Ha Lee  in Upgraded – tiny review
  31. A Cold Heart” by Tobias S. Buckell in Upgraded – tiny review
  32. The Wasp Keepers” by Mark Jacobsen in War Stories – tiny review
  33. Mrs. Griffin Prepares to Commit Suicide Tonight” by A Que in – tiny review
  34. Melioration” by E. Saxey in Lightspped Magazine – Queers Destroy Science Fiction – tiny review
  35. The Myth of Rain” by Seanan McGuire  in Lightspeed #60 – review
  36. Prise De Fer” by Ellen Kushner in Games Creatures Play – review
  37. Gratuitous Epilogue” by Andrea K. Höst
  38. No Sooner Met” by Seanan McGuiretiny review
  39. We Both Go Down Together” by Seanan McGuire
  40. Blocked” by Seanan McGuire
  41. Oil of Angels” by Chen Qiufan in Upgraded
  42. Ghost Champagne” by Charlie Jane Anders in Uncanny magazine #5 – tiny review
  43. Down on the Farm” by Charles Stross
  44. What I’ve Seen With Your Eyes” by Jason K. Chapman in Upgraded
  45. Midnight Hour” by Mary Robinette Kowal in Uncanny magazine #5 – tiny review
  46. No Place to Dream, but a Place to Die” by Elizabeth Bear in Upgraded – tiny review
  47. Sideswiped” by Kim Harrison – tiny review
  48. Pirate Songs” by Nicolette Barischoff in Accessing the Future – tiny review
  49. Pay Attention” by Sarah Pinsker in Accessing the Future – tiny review
  50. Invisible People” by Margaret Killjoy in Accessing the Future – tiny review
  51. Find a Way Home” by Poul Cornell in Uncanny magazine #6
  52. The Lessons of the Moon” by Joyce Chng in Accessing the Future
  53. Wooden Feathers” by Ursula Vernon in Uncanny magazine #7 – tiny review
  54. Tremontaine: Arrivals” by Ellen Kushner – Tremontaine #1
  55. The North Side of the Sun” by Alaya Dawn Johnson – Tremontaine #2
  56. Heavenly Bodies” by Joel Derfner – Tremontaine #3
  57. A Wake in Riverside” by Malinda Lo – Tremontaine #4
  58. The Dagger and the Sword” by Alaya Dawn Johnson – Tremontaine #5
  59. A Fair Hand” by by Patty Bryant – Tremontaine #6


I am a bit of a stats junkie so I am keeping track of a number of thing on each story. Here are the numbers.


Note: I use the Hugo Award category lengths as my guideline when categorizing the short fiction I read.
Flash fiction: 1-1000 words. Short story: 1000-7,500 words  (5-20 pages). Novelette: 7,500-17,500 words (20-50 pages). Novella: 17,500-40,000 (50-145 pages). 1 page is about 350 words.

Publishing year
Who have I been reading

New faces: Richard BowesH.E. RouloSam J. MillerAndy DudakAllison M. DicksonJulia AugustDelia ShermanPeter SeebergSarah PinskerRichard Scott LarsonSusan Jane BigelowJason GurleyMark JacobsenA QueEllen KushnerAndrea K. Höst,  E. SaxeyJason K. ChapmaNicolette BarischoffMargaret KilljoyJoel DerfnerMalinda LoPatty Bryant

People I read before: Kat HowardDamien Angelica WaltersAnn LeckieT. Kingfisher/Ursula VernonAmal El-MohtarKen LiuSeanan McGuireCharlie Jane AndersMary Robinette KowalCharles StrossElizabeth BearYoon Ha LeeTobias BuckellPoul CornellEllen Kushner

Author gender
Author residence
Protagonist gender




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