Novels read in 2016

You can see a list of the books I have read this year on GoodReads where I keep track of what I am reading throughout the year. You are welcome to friend me there, but please leave a note and explain you found me through here 🙂

My reading goals for this year is: 50 novels. Within those I want to read more more non-american authors. I want to read at least 10 books by people of color because my reading this has been super white. I want to read books about non-straight characters. I will also be reading books in series I already started as well as books for the book club I am in, where it isn’t me doing the book picks.

And now for the fun part! Stats!

So far I have read 17 books. Pages read this year: 5091- an average of 283 per book. On average it takes me 11,3 days to read a book – apparently.


The books I have read were written by authors living in

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