Pork and chicken pie

dsc_0640A wonderfully succulent medieval pie that is a perfect introduction of medieval cooking to modern dinners. The pie is made in a casing of my pie crust with a shortcrust lid. The filling is minced pork with fried chicken pieces and fruits dotted throughout.

The original recipe is “Postej med svinekød og høns” based on a recipe from “Forme of Cury” 1390. I have based my version of the recipe in “Middelaldermad” by Bi Skaarup & Henrik Jacobsen p. 105. I have made my own modifications based on preferences of the people present.

Find a recipe for Powder douce @ – I suggest to mix a glass full to have some future medieval recipes. Used in moderation it adds a wonderfully complex taste to dishes.


My version of the traditional Scottish soup recipe. Mine is more of a stew than a soup – thickened with barley.

Cold Potato Salad

This classic pot-lot dish is perfect for a hot summer day. It keeps a few days in the fridge.

This is not so much a recipe as inspiration. I am not adding quantities because it really depend on how strong you like it.

Depending on how many potatoes and your own taste you will need different amounts of ingredients. I like to have enough dressing to have the potatoes slightly covered.