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Personal websites

Postej & Stew – Food blogging, recipes, thoughts on history and reviews of cookbooks – history related or otherwise.

My portfolio – as a graphic designer I do quite a bit of freelance work. You can see most of it at my portfolio site.

Pink Rabbit – is my creator site for The Sims Games where I share all the houses I build, the objects I edit and the clothing I make. It is mostly houses because I adore building in game.

LivingSims – I am the editor of the digital magazine LivingSims that is all about interior and exterior design in The Sims games. We have put out over 30 issues and put out a new one every 2-3 months depending on how busy we are in real life.

Teacher – I am a teacher and I have a little blog about my thoughts on teaching and with a few ideas for the class room

Social media

Pinterest – I love sharing and saving things on pinterest. I mostly share recipes, roleplaying inspiration, interesting historical tit-bits and art . Other things sneak in as well of course.

Twitter – I love twitter. I mostly use it to talk to authors I like and to share when I update my website. But if you want to talk to me it is a great place to find me.

Goodreads – I love goodreads and I think it is really fun to share my reading progress on the site as well as. This is also where I prefer to keep track of what I am reading, what I want to read and what I have read. I find that the site is inspiring me to read more. If you do not have a profile yet, what are you waiting for?


In the details – my photography tumblr that I updates why to rarly. My camera needs a new battery and the one on my phone is not really up to snuff so I don’t do much photography right now. But the pictures there are beautiful.

simaginate – is my sims tumblr which I should really update more often.

Brewing Tea & Books – I decided I wanted to gather up the beautiful covers of stuff I read this year in one place, so that when it come to award season, I knew what to nominate.

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