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Short stories of 2016

I didn’t quite make last years challenge of 100 Short stories of 2015, I did manage to read 59 short stories last year. So this year the challenge is a more manageable #50shortstoriesin2016. I noticed last year then I could see that I couldn’t reach the goal I kind of stopped reading short stories, and that definitely wasn’t the plan.

Edit 19/8 16: I have just decided to raise my goal to 100 anyway, as I have read 56 stories by now, so there should be a good chance of me making it the goal.

If you want to see the specific stories read this year you can see them on GoodReads.  Here you can also see my mini-reviews and star ratings of the individual stories. Here I however got the stats! Because I love stats! All the stats!

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Novels read in 2016

You can see a list of the books I have read this year on GoodReads where I keep track of what I am reading throughout the year. You are welcome to friend me there, but please leave a note and explain you found me through here 🙂

My reading goals for this year is: 50 novels. Within those I want to read more more non-american authors. I want to read at least 10 books by people of color because my reading this has been super white. I want to read books about non-straight characters. I will also be reading books in series I already started as well as books for the book club I am in, where it isn’t me doing the book picks.

And now for the fun part! Stats!

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What have I read in 2015

17a7c95b65337aafabfabb69c477becaI don’t know about you, but I like stats! Especially reading stats, so once again I decided to keep a close eye on what I am reading this year. At the end of the year I will review what I have read and compare that to my reading goals for this year.

My goals are: 50 novels, 100 short stories, all the Hugo nominated novels and 2 classic works of fantasy or science fiction.

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What have I read in 2014

94bbb940d8a08414895f5249a0859917This year I have decided to keep a closer tap on the stats of what I am reading. Who is writing it, who are the protagonists, what genres am I reading etc. I will keep this post up to date and put a link in the menu. In the start of the year it probably isn’t very interesting but I hope it will be interesting (at least for me) to see how t develops over the year. Comics are only included on the author list and on the graph with type of work, because I simply read too many. Perhaps I will do a separate post on the comics.

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Reading stats 2013: What I read this year

fd48c78baf3274b2fe50dfe14435dd72The year is almost over and I think it is time to look back on what I read this year. I will do a few posts on this, in this first one I will look at the reading stats of this year. How much did I read, by who and about whom?

This year I have read more books and stories than I have ever before – at least since I started keeping track of what I am reading. I have read 86 novel length works and I think I will sneak in one more before new years eve – there are four days yet after all.

I have also read a huge number of short stories both in collections, anthologies, in magazines and randomly single stories on the web. In this post I will only look at the novels I have read this year.

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Examining my bookshelves

stack_of_books2So this is my first meta-post reading. I have been listing to a lot of discussions about diversity as of late – which is awesome, eye opening and thought provoking. So I decided to take long hard look at my own bookshelves. In particular what I have over the last year. I decided to only look at books because I read a lot of short stories and comics over the last year, but I am still new to reading both so I don’t think I am quite to the point of having any patterns yet. I know I read a LOT of books by women with female protagonists. But how many books do I read that are written by non-whites, non-westerns, non-middle class and/or quiltbag authors? I might not look at all of those today, but lets see how this goes. Are all of the protagonists abled bodied young people? Well lets take a closer look…  Continue reading Examining my bookshelves