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13 fay stories that I recommend

by Oleg Oprisco

As I have explained earlier why I like stories of the fay, but to restate it: The fay stories I like are the stories  where the fae are not just beautiful glittering laughing creature – they are that but they are also seducers of the worst kind. The kind that will lead you into your own death and you will go with a big smile on your face. And you will go willingly. I like the stories of the fay court, of fay interacting with the real world. I like stories both of mundane people dealing with the fay and stories told by changelings and fay. Stories of the fay are quite often also stories about sex so there are quite a few of the stories here that have elements of erotica in them as well as non-vanilla sex.

In this post I will recommend my favourite stories involving the fay. It will be a mix of novels, short stories, tv-series and of course a movie or two. In no particular order

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Neurodiversity: Alphas

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Genre: Near future, science fiction, super human/hero

Lately there has been a lot of talk about diversity in the sf community. Not just ethnic and racial diversity but also about representing people who are not neurotypical in fiction. There has of course also been a lot of talk about better representation of gender and sexuality. But what I want to talk about today is the representation of non-neurotypical individuals in the tv-series Alphas on the Syfy channel. I want to talk about a series that I think is doing it right. Because I think it is more important to talk about those who are moving in the right direction, that to only focus on the ones that are still going the wrong way.

I have just discovered the series this week on Netflix. We have just finished watching the first season. Long live Hola so I can watch the american selection on Netflix instead of just the meager selection on the danish version.

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