Winner of Photographer of the Week

Congratulations to lylim6 who has won this week’s Photographer of the Week!

moxxa wrote:
This picture is so cute. So child-like… The colors are amazing, placement of clutter in the back. You have the feeling the Bear and the Cat are talking bussiness. Mr.Bear has this serious face, but then again bears do tend to look serious while siting on a chair. Who knows, this might be a meeting of a secret club, or even mafia… If they are planing a heist, I want in!!

Also nominated this week were: sebausten, simsfvr, Martine, Erica, Zhaana, tiki5872 and Starla. All nominees will soon, together with the winner, be featured on our tumblr where everyone can see which pictures were nominated and what people said about them!

Thanks to moxxa, macthekat, oumamea, lylim6 and KatCat for nominating a picture this week.

Remember if you want to nominate, shoot a PM to this user – POTW – rather than the other mods.

Congratulations, lylim6!

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