Sim Next Door goodies from Sarah!


by sixtyten

As many of you know I made a *lot* of stuff for my entries in the sim next door contest, and I promised to share the love with y’all when it was done. So here we are! Pull up a pew and get comfy, because there is a lot of stuff to tell you about!


From this picture below, you get the wood chevron/herringone pattern seen on the floor, the small rectangular end table beside the couch (which I have used 2 of on the wall with the bookshelf), plus the round cable spool coffee table.

I made a few lights, the sputnik light from this picture, the large orange pendant from this picture, plus 3 exposed bulb pendants, seen in this, this, and this picture, which also shows you the extractor hood I made too Smile

These are the tables & chair you’ll get, and you may notice a rug under them, that is roughly 3×2.75ish? not quite square, but fits under beds better than the 3×2 one in game. It comes as a solid single channel, and a 2 channel bordered one like the original ea one. I also have 2 options for pattern scaling on those rugs, some patterns look better really large and some look better smaller so I dunno… you have options. I love options!

You may recall my simple desk, well I got a request for some shelves in the same style, so I made those, and some framed photos to put on them. There are 2 shelves – a 2 and a single tile version, 3 sets of photos each with several sets of prints. The shelves are full width, so you can make the shelves as wide along your wall as you need to. Not sure the tiling is exactly perfect but it’s good enough – there’ll be stuff on there anyway and who looks at the actual shelves! lol 😛 (excuses…)

A while ago I made a tapestry for a participation prize here at Living Sims, but I wanted to chuck on some extra sweet mid century tapestries on it for my sims houses. I figured you guys might want them too, so you can see them here (actually you can see all the stuff in this album!). The original antique maps are are on the mesh too, I just added some more sweetness on there.

Anke requested a dining table version of a coffee table I made a while ago, so I finally got round to doing that, and I made some vintage style tram scroll painting things – the first version is MY bus route hahah, the other one is some sweet french stops because I know not everyone is interested in my bus route. But I am so there ya go.

I think the only thing left to mention is the ‘eco chic’ storage thingo which is basically just shelves.


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