Good Old House


This house is made for a contest back at Sims Community (now mts). It cost about 33000. It is all maxis stuff. No hacks. The deco is not pretty at all.
It is build in a functionalism style and the idea is that is is from around 1935.
No EPs or CC is required or included.
Sorry about the crappy pictures – it is a good house though.

by macthekat

03 01

The Old Barn


I build this old barn for an article in Living sims. It is really easy to make over or use as it is; you might wanna put in a door though if your sims want to live there. It is build on a narrow lot in the one end, so there is room for a main house if you want that.

It is build with all EPs and SPs installed and all CC on the pictures are included

by macthekat



Credit to all creators. Costume content included:

  • BeOSBoxBoy
  • wood for sims
  • buggybooz @ MTS2
  • nengi65
  • Targa
  • Steffor
  • sim2me
  • Murano

Abaca Mall


I know I have been super tardy with getting this up, but to be fair I haven’t been playing sims 2 at all for a long time now
Here is Abaca Mall from issue 9. It is unfurnished, but does still have some CC in it, mostly walls and floors and fences and stuff. Use the Clean Installer!

Also I have attached the lighted letters as seen on the front of the building. It is an incomplete set, but I won’t be making the rest of the letters, sorry lol. Feel free to expand on the set and/or make it repository if you like, use my meshes for a base if you need to. The font is Century Gothic. They are lamps

Download the 3D lighted letters