Issue 26: Spring has Sprung

Sunshine, warm breezes and newly sprouting greenery. This is what we love about Spring. What else do we love? The fact that Spring also inspires readers and forum members around the globe with the riot of color erupting from the ground.

In this issue we explore the many ways to decorate on a small budget, get design tips from our talented forum members, and see the imaginative and ingenious ways a tiny house can be made into a home. We also get some decorating advice in our popular Ask Bella and Ask Handy Andy features.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy our Spring issue.

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New Downloads

We also have a number of new downloads in our download section! There is both brand new items and old participation gifts now shared with you the wonderful reader!

Download them here

Updated gift pages

Update: I have updated a bunch of links to the gifts, so you were trying to get a gift that didn’t work, please try again now.

If you have been looking for our old gifts and found the right page, but the pictures not working, when fret no more: The images in the gift section has been updated. Some files had not been uploaded when we moved servers, this is now fixed.

Find the gift section here

Wanted: Any Simsartgallery items you have!

We are trying to put all of Simsartgallery’s stuff back up on the page, but we are missing a lot of her paintings – particular her newer combined pages (1 package = many paintings).
It would be a great help if you would look in your download/backup folder and look for SAG- or sag- that is her stuff. If you have any we would be grateful to have it.

We have heard from some of you and gotten files from you already – thank you!

We are also looking for help combining some of her old paintings into packages so people don’t get their games cluttered with as many single paintings. If anyone want to help with that, we would be grateful.

Contact us here if you want to help

Sims 2 gifts

I have added a big stack of old downloads to our Sims 2 gifts page. If you have been here forever, then these are not new, but if you were not a member on our old forum there might be some goodies for you there. Enjoy

We are also in the process of trying to find all Simsartgalleries old files both for Sims 2 and Sims 3. If you have any of them, please contact me – I would love to be able to put them up here for everyone to download.