Thank you for everything and goodbye

After many years of running and hosting LivingSims I am now saying goodbye and closing LivingSims. My life has moved on from Sims. I do play a bit every now and then, but my heart isn’t in it in the same way anymore. It has been almost two years since we released the last issue of LivingSims, so I think it is time to close the site. I am planing to move the hosting of the magazines to my private website over the next few weeks and close the site down completely around new year.

If anyone want to move all our downloads to the Sims Graveyard they are welcome to do so.

Once I have the magazines all moved to my own server, I will of course put out a link, here, on social media and on the forum.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped put together LivingSims over the years. To our readers, to our donators and of course especially to the staff. I will cherries our time together always. But it is time to say goodbye.

You can find me at most social media as macthekat82 and you are very welcome to friend me there.

Once again thank you everyone!

– macthekat

Issue 39

001Our small staff has worked hard on getting this new issue to you. It has taken some time, but I think we have some great articles for you – like a brand new article on color theory and a great article by LadySpider on how to edit your sims pictures to make the most of them. We also have community features, sims 2 finds and a stack of other articles for you!

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Read the pdf 

Issue 38: All about Holidays

001The staff has worked double time to deliver you the second issue within two months. This time it is all about the holiday seasons from Halloween to New Year and everything in between.

We have tips, beautiful houses, wonderful gifts for Sims 4 and holiday finds for you.

The staff wish you a safe and happy holiday! Enjoy the issue and remember to eat cookies.

Read online or Read the PDF

Issue 36: All about color

coverSummer is coming! And issue 36 and it is bursting with color! We have put the spotlight on use of color this issue and we got a stack of beautiful articles on the topic. As it is our habit we also feature a lot of pictures from our community as well as an interview with the amazing daturaobscura. We also welcome LadySpider on to the team and she has done some stunning pictures for us.

If you find all the color inspiring then join our new contest Brave Color which is now open. There will be participation prices as well as something for the winners and runners up!

Read issue 36 online or Read the pdf version

So what is your favourite article or ad? Leave your feedback here or on the forum.

Edit: I forgot an article in issue 36 and a few links on Must Have. Both is now fixed. Read the new article, which is a challenge feature on the challenge Accent.

Issue 34: Celebrating 3 games!

001We have been hard at work to get issue 34 out, but we are now ready to bring you 200+ pages of Sims goodness! This issue is all about celebrating Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4! We have been playing with all three games and I hope you enjoy them all as much as we do. We of course have interviews for you as well as finds, regular articles and new creative goodies.

Please tell us what you think! Leave a comment here or on the forum.

We really hope you enjoy!

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Issue 33 Springs Forth!

001Issue 33 is now out! Despite our attempts to pare down, we have yet another big issue for you – we just love our readers that much! You’ll enjoy a great interview with community member therearecookieshere and get to see our staff members’ takes on the hot, new colors for the season.  You’ll also get a glimpse into some fantastic Sims’ homes. And, of course, we feature our community’s great work from the forum challenges as well as all the recurring articles you’ve come to expect.

Please tell us what you think! Leave a comment here or on the forum.

We really hope you enjoy!

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