White wooden house by Oumamea


In oumamea’s take on the challenge, traditional furniture paired with a soothing color scheme of neutral tones and accents of green make this look like the classic home-sweet-home. A mission-style desk flanked by bookcases stained in the same oak provide the perfect home office. In the bedroom, a tartan plaid bedspread in shades of green on the big, brass bed is complemented by a similar plaid in the window treatments. Matching wood end tables and dresser round out this comfy master bedroom.


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Mid modern by mrmiss


It’s amazing how changing the roof completely changes the look of the house. In this case, mrmiss has created a completely flat roof which, when paired with large contemporary windows, definitely gives this home a modern edge. Inside, neutral colors dominate, punctuated by the occasional pop of color in a rug or floral arrangement. In the bedroom, wood paneling and a wooden headboard with sleek lines help to create a warm and cozy yet masculine master suite.


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Little wooden hut by macthekat


In mac’s house, whitewashed floors and walls give a light and airy feel. Bright blue and turquoise accents add visual interest, and touches of wood in the furniture warm things up a bit. The addition of a trunk as a coffee table grounds the room with its dark tones and provides needed storage. Mac cleverly combines two shelves for a custom look. The color palette carries over into the bedroom where a darker blue on the walls makes for a serene retreat from the cares of the world.


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Rebels home by littlecat


Littlecat’s use of the deep colors and dark woods turns this home into a masculine retreat. In the living room, a stunning blue sofa and pair of chairs goes perfectly with the dark green walls. A large sound system covered in stickers and a surfboard leaning against the bookcase give this room a lived-in look. Likewise, the protest signs stacked in the corner provide a glimpse into the homeowner’s personality. In the bedroom, a yummy chocolate brown duvet graces the modern bed, and the choice of artwork is perfect for this rebellious sim.


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Beach house by Kementari


Kementari opts for a low tin roof and adds a feature wall to the front of the house, creating a very modern look. Inside, the modern design continues with a dream kitchen featuring white granite counter tops, glass shelving, and striking green subway tile on the back splash. She creates a small computer area by using an island placed against the wall and adding a cool bar stool. Outside, bright green and blue are used strategically to provide a punch of color against the white of the walls and wood of the patio. A serene pool wrapped by a contemporary wooden deck provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


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Beach hut by Jaguwar


In Jaguwar’s home, the look of a beach hut is achieved by changing the shape of the roof and making it thatched. Inside, the colors of the sea combined with natural woods and fibers create a very beachy vibe. Bamboo wainscoting and seagrass wallpaper adorn the walls. In the living room, cushions and pillows in a serene blue complement the green of the walls. A wooden lighting sculpture and living bamboo wall-hanging add to the outdoor feel of the room. In the bedroom, the green color scheme is carried over, this time with a bright spring-grass green. The intricately carved wooden bed provides a focal point in the room.


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Yellow house by Ankuuh


At first glance, this house has the warm brick and exuberant gardens of a typical country-side cottage. Inside, however, a more contemporary design aesthetic begins to dominate. Clean lines and a lack of “fussiness” set this build apart from the cottage decor you might expect. Warm woods and earthy colors create a relaxing and cozy interior. In the bedroom, a creative use of a pair of columns and a bookcase creates a built-in shelving look. Likewise in the kitchen, use of the 1/2 wall tool combined with another column gives the area a custom and expensive looking finish.


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