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? Why are there no pdf versions of issue 1-11?
! We did not start making pdf versions of the magazine till issue 12. It is a huge amount of work to do the pdf if it was not planed from the start, so we are not planing to make pdf versions of those issues. If you can not view the online versions for some reason I can only suggest going to a different computer/internet connection to look at those.

? How do I see if something is for sims 2 or sims 3?
! All finds articles got a little icon showing if it is sims 2 or sims 3. The icon is normally found on the first page in the upper left corner of the layout of all Finds articles. Our gifts are also always marked with this icon. The same goes for tutorials.
All other articles are meant to be helpful and interesting for both sims 2 and sims 3 players, so they are not marked for either game.

? Why don’t you have a CC list for all article?
! We are using a huge amount of CC in most articles – typically at least 50 pieces so it would be a huge amount of work and take forever to do a CC list for all articles. We do however sometimes do a “Grab that Style” after some articles.
If you are looking for a specific piece of CC from the issue you are very welcome to use our Where Can I Find area on the forum. Just make sure to please read the sticky first.

? Why don’t you guys use an online magazine publishing program such as
! We don’t use it because I really dislike the look and feel of those fake online magazines. They are hard to read, the centrefold shadow covers up a big part of the spread and I dislike the sound effects. Typically the text gets very hard to read because of the ability to zoom in to close or showing both pages of a spread too small to read it properly.
To me it add more glitter then an actually feature. So it is a very contiguous choice that we don’t use a program like that for displaying the magazine.

? Where can I download the houses from the issues?
! As a general rule you can not download the houses. Some of them are just shells with no real exterior and almost all of them are so filled with CC that it would a huge pain to put them up for download. Some of the houses from the issues is however up for download and they should be clearly marked in the issue.

? I love that chair in the chair ad in the last issue, how do I get it?
! If the ad was for the chair, then you just click on the ad and it will take you right to the download page.

? My account on the forum is not working!
! If you have not visited the forum since December 2010, then you will have to create a new account. We were hacked back then and lost everything on the forum including all accounts.

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