Category: Bread


A damper is an Austrian bread type that as far as I know has its origin in the colony area. It is a very quick bread. You just throw the ingredients together and then bake it right away. It can very easily be baked in a frying pan over a campfire.


I often bake the bread with a mix of flour. At least 1/3 wheat flour to let the bread raise but the rest can be quite coarse flour such as barley, rye or spelt. With other flour types I would probably stick to 2/3 wheat and  1/3 random flour. You can also add seeds or grains to the bread, just make sure to soak them first. As for spices I have tried cumin, fresh time, italian seasoning (oregano, basil, rosemary, time) or pepper (lots of pepper).


Leve is a viking flatbread made out of a mix of flour and liquid. You can use any combination of flour you want, but I suggest that you use at least some wheat flour. You can bake them in the ashes from  campfire, on a stone, in a primitive or modern oven or as I normally do in a dry frying pan either over the fire or on the stove top. They were a staple of the viking meals.