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Layers for the layered cakes

For danish layered cakes the layers needs to be quite thin – around 1 cm high at the most, unlike most American layered cakes. This means that you properly need to make the layers your self, if the store don’t sell any layers that thin.

Icelandic crepes

Soft crepes. They can also be baked in a waffle iron. If you leave out the sugar and add salt instead they work well as wraps.

Tip: Do not to have the pan too greasy – there should only be enough to make the pancakes slip.

Eat them with any of the following toppings: fruit, strawberry jam, ice cream, sugar, icing sugar, yoghurt, honey, syrup – you name it. You add topping to the middle of the crepe and then roll it up around it. They even work as savoury pancakes – if you don’t have any tortillas for your dinner – just leave out the sugar and add a pinch of salt.