Using memrise to train vocabulary

memriseMy students find some of the vocabulary of civics hard to learn, so I decided to try a new quiz site to train the hard words. I ran into though a teaching site that I am following: and they were talking about memorize, so I decided to try it for my self and I loved it. It teaches the vocabulary though courses with 10-30 words in each. You get the definition for two-three words and then a quick quiz for those words, then you get two-three more words and then two-three questions to check that you remember all of the words. That is different is that it prompt you to make your own memory rules though memes Рwhich really enforces the memorization of the term. They gives you points as you solves the questions and there is a little flower that blooms as you learn the term. There is free access through the website and a free app as well.

This kind of app is of course only good for the vocabulary training part of civics, it hardly trains understanding at all. But as a training tool for vocabulary I think it might be handy. I am yet to test it on my students but I liked the learning experience.

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