A splash of colour

Inspired by a picture on DesignSponge I made a stack of recolours of MangoSim’s Monaco chair and the Emotion bed from Sims Play.

The meshes are not included and has to be downloaded from the creators’ websites do to their policies.
Sims Play mesh
MangoSims mesh > Chambres > page 5 > set Monaco

2 Emotion beds • 6 colours • Download

The mango chairs
Wood recolour • 5 colours • Download

Classic patterns • 6 colours • Download

Fun patterns • 4 colours • Download

Gothic inspired patterns • 2 colours • Download

Neutral patterns • 6 colours •Download

Solid colours • 6 colours •Download





6 thoughts on “A splash of colour

  1. hei, I cant manage to download the bed, because the site where the mesh is supposed to be is gone…. buhu. and the bed looked sooo good too. 🙁 YOUR WORK IS AWESOME BY THE WAY, love it

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