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I am working on my second makeover of the Home Together house. I am going to update the gallery I have made for it as I work on it. The couple who moved in just got 10.000 § + what-ever they can earn for them self, to decorate the house – though I did makeover the outside before I started them on the budget.

macthekat002.jpgI will just keep uploading pictures in the gallery as they get more money – so you can follow both their progress and my work process.

This is my challenge:

At first when travel agent Maria found out she was pg, she panicked, after all she had just moved in with her childhood sweetheart Henry and the house was in a desperate need of the makeover.

Even though they both sheared a common love into travel and art, they both liked different styles and had a very different idea of the comfortable home.

Maria loved to collect paintings from the travels and had lots of them. She also had one painting which was very special to her, and she just knew it had to be featured in her new home. Henry who was an artist had painted it for her for their first anniversary…
Maria also loved blue colour and comfortable surroundings, but most of all she loved the paintings and liked having lots of them featured everywhere.

Even though Henry was an artist and loved to paint, he didn’t really like featuring any of them in his home. ‘Work shouldn’t follow you home’, he always said. He preferred if it was simple, nice, clean and no clutter and wasn’t really into colours as such. Neutral was a way to go for him.

Because Henry don’t like bright colours or paintings, the house is decorated in soft colours with hits of blue and earth colours. Instead of hanging pictures all over the house, I gave Maria the decorative features she wants by using wall tattoos, fun wallpaper and knick knack from her travels. Maria talked Henry into using a corner of the study for painting, so he can stay home sometimes and look after the little new one. I have tried to decorate the house so it had many details without appearing to be cluttered or crowed.

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  1. Sadly I am not good at remembering that kind of thing. You could try asking on one of the big sites if anyone have seen them. I can recommend black pearl or sims cave’s wcif sections – they are both wonderful

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