The Greens

This the family I play in sims 3 right now. I must say that the game is a lot harder then sims 2. I have played them over a week and they only got one friend, none of them in love and non of them is over level 2 in their career. They earn very little money as well – pr perhaps furniture is just more expensive – anyway the indoor is a bit bare right now, but that will change.

screenshot-17.jpgEliot and Henry Green are siblings. They brought a house together with their inheritage money from their parents. The money only just got them the house, so they had very few furniture from the start. The house is an eco friendly pre-fab, but they wish they had gotten the more expensive supply pack as all their hardware keeps breaking (cool thing cheep stuff break more often and give you bad moodlets such as cool shower).

Eliot just loves the outdoors and is really good at gardening (can’t remember all her traits, but that is the dominant). Henry is a daredevil and really athletic – he is also pretty charming and would be a great kisser if he had someone to kiss.

Come back for more pictures later

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