A cottage in France

Over at LivingSims Forum we have a running challenge called Challenge me to, where we challenge each other to different things that we think the other person would find challenging and fun. catvonpaxton challenged me to decorate a little holiday home with a very shabby chic style. I of course could do nothing less then go all out and get one of my sims to get to visa level 3 so that should could buy a real holiday home in France.

See the challenge I got

See more:

I have taken a bucket load of pictures so I thought I would show them here.

11 thoughts on “A cottage in France

  1. It is absolutely adorable! I especial loved how you transformed the EA beach villa bed with a “coat” of black paint.

  2. Thank you Laure. To me that bed looks more like a classic black iron bed, then something made our of wicker. I would properly only use it in black, white or bronze metal.

  3. Es espectacular lo que has conseguido, das una sensacion de vida cotidiana. Te felicito!!

  4. Beautiful!

    Is it possible to get links to items?

    Or download this cottage?

    Thanks for the beauty of it.

  5. This… Is adorable and soooo pretty! It it downloadable? I wish it was! Even if you had to pay fot it, if it wasn’t uber-exåensive, I would consider to pay for it :3 It is that good.

  6. The cottage is not up for download at this point – it is stuffed full of content. I would be able to re-build an unfurnished version if anyone are interested.

    As for where I got everything – go look at LivingSims forum *points at link* you should be able to see that part of the forum without registering, but if you want to ask for more items then you need to register. I am not particlar fond of doing wcif’s so I would rather not do them twice

    Thank you all for the nice comments! I am really glad you like the little house. It is quite tiny, but the sims seems to like it anyway

  7. Oh, please, share with us… that´s the most beautiful home that I ever seen!!! 🙂

  8. Dreamy Doll – I do not normally upload anything with this much CC in it – mostly because I am too lazy to find links and give credit to all the creators. And I kind of just lost all of my savegames, so I don’t have it anymore

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