New Gender doors

Hey simmers, now your sims won’t have to close their eyes when heading to the wash rooms. I have some new doors for you that will add just that touch of class and fun to your community lots. With four re-castable parts, you can now coordinate those previously ugly EA doors with your decor and mood.

I made you two sets:
Set 1: This set has 10 signs all of them pretty normal restroom signs. This set also include a blank door.
Set 2: This set includes 13 signs and they are all a bit quirky, silly, funny or sexy. Warning this set has tiny bits of pixel nudity – so if you are easily offended do not get this set.

Credit: Baufive edited the mesh that made this possible. So thank you!

I hope you enjoy them. Tell me what you think please!

Update: The doors are updated to patch 1.26/pets. This mean that they will only work with this patch or higher!

Download set 1 – all the “normal” signs* – updated or patch 1.26

Download set 2 – all the funny/silly signs – updated or patch 1.26 – warning some of these have pixel nudity*

* .Sims3package & .package files included

16 thoughts on “New Gender doors

  1. Hi and TAK! I really do appreciate your new gender signs. Now my sims don´t have to feel they are entering a place with a high risk of nuclear pollution any more just because they need to go 🙂

  2. I just want to let you know that these will need updating for pets, I will do it later this week when the tutorial on how to do it comes out on mts. I will post an updated version as soon as I have it.

  3. Thank you so much – is there a tutorial on how to make these? I really have some I’d like to try out to fit into the theme of my worlds

    1. You can use a tutorial on how to make paintings really it is the same process – instead a painting I have just added the signs to the multipyer instead of the overlay.

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