Starter: Equine

Price: 19.694 (non-stater)
Lot size: 20×15
1 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 2 horse boxes
Furnished: No (starter) – outside (non-starter)

annyway challenged me to build a modern house with room for two horses on a tiny lot. Quite a challenge but fun! I took my inspiration from traditional Norwegian farms where the stable would sometimes be on the ground floor with the living quarters on the second floor.  I have chosen not to have a separate entrance for the horses so you enter the house though a grand barn door. Upstairs is a small modern flat and downstairs there are two big horse boxes.
You can take out one horsebox and make it into an extra room if you need an office or bedroom more in the house.

This house has two versions, a starter house with no landscaping done and a version with that is a bit more expensive.

Requires all EPs including Pets and all SPs including Town Life
Patch required: 1.26 or newer
No Pay items used, some Store items has been used

Download the non-starter version

Download the starter version

CC used

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