Ostergade 11

Price: 28.386 §
Lot size: 20×25
2 bed, 1½ bath, large living room, kitchen, dinning room, mudroom, hallway
Furnished: Kitchen and bath – very basic

This house is a very typical Danish village house. The sims version here is slightly bigger than the real things, since the roof didn’t wan smaller version. The house is decorated with the real house as a model, so the deco is very not my style. I think an elderly couple lived there before. This house is in need of a major interior makeover, so if you are up for the challenge, this is the house for you!

CC used

Requires all EPs including Pets and all SPs including Town Life
Patch required: 1.26 or newer
No Pay items used, no Store items has been used


5 thoughts on “Ostergade 11

  1. Wow I am finally able to download the simple spiral stairs! “I’m so good in Mandarin!” 😀 Thanks for the house, it looks like some houses that was on my street when I was young in Québec.

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