Rownshire v3 Beta

This new version of my world Rownshire. I have fixed the bridge problem by building damps instead of using bridges.

It is build for pre-modern game play such as medieval, renaissance, antiquity or even early modern periods. It is also perfect for your fantasy world.

The world is based on the Danish climate, so it has a lot of deciduous trees. There are a few rocks around the world but no cliffs or mountains. It is a hilly world with a lot of farm land around. There is no houses included in the world at all, it is meant as a build your own world-base. Most of the lots are small or tiny but there are some good size lots in there as well. The world is meant for someone who want to build their own world – most lots are not suited for downloaded lots! The world has spawners of all kinds.

The world has been renamed, but you will still want to uninstall the old version for the new one to work. All lot sizes are also the same.

Completely CC Free!

I have all EPs installed including Showtime, so the world might need all of them. I know I have used items from WA, but I am not sure if you can play it without the other EPs. My game is also patched so I would expect that your game need to be patched up to 1.33 or newer.

I have only tested this on my machine so it is not beta-tested, so use at your own risk! Please report any problems here.

As always with new worlds, it is a good idea to save and go to the main menu and re-entering before starting to play, it makes the fog spawners etc. work probably.

Update: The water in the world is swimable with patch 1.42 so I am very happy about that!


There are a few lot tears, I do not plan to fix these but they are easy to covered up with bushes.

Most lots in this world are residential. If you do not want that many sims to move in, just change them to community lots in Edit Town mode. The few community lots that are there are located where I need them, but that may not be where you want them. If you want different lot sizes, just delete the lots in the Edit Town lot editor and place down your own lots.

The world is build on a large map, but I think the playable area is about medium size.

Recommended CC:

  • Overwatch: This is highly recommended then playing any world – it removes stucked sims and cars for you so it really cuts down on lag. This is not a hack but really a bug fix.
  • Master Controller: Allows you change the clothing on any sim in your neighbourhood among other very handy things.
  • Medieval finds: In case you want to play a medieval world LivingSims Forum got a a great list of CC that would work well for you.
  • Rabbit Hole Replacements: As most lots are too small to place traditional rabbit holes on you might want to get these rugs that lets you make any lot into a rabbit hole.
  • Rownshire terrain paints: The terrain paints I used in case you want them to use in the world. They use the same textures so they fit pretty perfectly.

simperfection requested a Save Game file so I made one with a single sim on a lot for you guys. I bet she is not the only one needing it. It will be up during the weekend.

13 thoughts on “Rownshire v3 Beta

  1. This is the type of world I’ve been hoping someone would create since CAW was released. Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Hi Mac, I looooove Rowanshire, but you know that already. Just wanted to let you know that I got banned from LS and I do think it is the ‘old enemy’ again. I reported the hack of LS to Coco and was immediately banned b the false Kementari for being a muppet. I keep my fingers crossed LS will be back up again.

    1. Hi Sakura, I hope you got LS to work again, we got hacked and everything was deleted. We were able to restore everything to how it was Wednesday (mostly) so if you registered before that your account should work now.

  3. I posted this under the Version 1 download, but is there anyway i can get the CAW files for this world, it’s so great but i want to be able to put all the spawners and lots where i want/need them. Thank you xx

  4. Hi Prawler – send me an email and I will send you the file. I do not want to make this availble for general use but if you want to edit the world for your self you are welcome to: livingsims[at]

  5. It’s great that you updated this. Awesome world, much more realistic than most other worlds out there.

  6. Hi Mac, I love your work. Especially this beautiful world: it’s just what my knights of old need. I have a bizarre issue with my stupid mac whereby I can only get a world to show up in game via a save file. So I was wondering, is there any chance you’d share a save file with me? It can literally be one sim on an empty lot, I just need the .save data. No worries if not, I realise it’s a big ask. Either way, keep up the amazing work.

  7. Sure thing Simperfection – I will make you a save file.

    I am also happy to announce that the worlds works wonderfully with the new patch and the sims can swim in both main rivers and the sea – I have not tested the rest of the bodies of water yet.

  8. I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful world. I’ve been using the v.2 for medieval scenes in my legacy, and now it’s the main setting for my Summerdream story as well.
    I was just coming here to link your site in my credits for that and noticed your update: I look forward to trying it out!

  9. Hi Mac, I absolutely LOVE this world. It is so quaint and elegant, perfect for a rural themed world. I was hoping, if at all possible, to get the CAW files from you? I just wish to edit the lot placements and maybe fix up some of the terrain patches that look a little bit off. This world is truly beautuiful and I’ve been searching for something like this for quite a while and thank you for all your work!

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